Everything you're about to read is true.
Much of it is stupid.
I make no promises.

My name is Clark...

And I am a writer. I'm currently on staff with Raw, an SB Nation blog covering the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning, where I'm responsible for home game coverage and feature articles. I'm also the person responsible for the semi-wildly popular, and now officially award winning "Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness"

The best of that site has being compiled into a book and is now available for purchase!
"A Ridiculously Inconsistent Treasury" is a collection of essays and short fiction compiled since the big, dumb purple blog was first posted back in 2006. You can get your own copy right here at our online store!

In addition, I'm a contributing author for the recently published
"The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society".

I have been known to do other things, too. Some acting, a little bit of music (although I would not exactly call myself a musician), some professional voice work and even a few "real" jobs. 

Click the tabs over there on the left to learn more about me, where I'm referred to in the third person, like somebody else wrote this.

As if.


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